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Recent Work

Implicit Ambiguities An April 2015 show of my work at the Blackfish Gallery in Portland, Oregon, included both paintings and some of the drawings from the series I call Studies in Sanguine. In many ways, my paintings are attempts to bring together … Continue reading

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In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Clint Brown created a series of pop icons that combined his interests in sculpture and painting with a desire to capture the spirit of the times. Life-size plastic figures projecting from colorful canvases … Continue reading

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Mixed Media

During the 1980s, Clint Brown created a large series of more than 100 works on canvas and paper that combine areas of lush color with photo and silkscreened images. The collaged images and hand-created texture areas are synthesized compositionally by … Continue reading

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Figure Studies

Throughout Clint Brown’s career, drawing the human figure has remained a continuing and renewing part of his artistic activity. As a life drawing teacher for more than 30 years, drawing the nude was readily available. He often drew alongside his … Continue reading

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Plague Drawings

The Plague Drawings emerged in the early 1990s as a response to the rapid spread of AIDS and the failure of international educational efforts to significantly diminish either the misconceptions about the disease or its pervasive threat. “The challenge for … Continue reading

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State of Affairs

Throughout my career, I have created drawings in sets or series as multiple variations on a theme, usually a theme that explores some aspect of the human condition. A series might consist of as few as three or four drawings or … Continue reading

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Studies in Sanguine

These drawings, “Studies inSanguine”—sanguine for both their color and their passion—are about human desire and private acts, social scrutiny and moral judgment. In these drawings, I wanted to see if I could integrate formal and humanistic concerns and visually address … Continue reading

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